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Our quality policy

Our main strategy is to ensure the production of quality and economic products with our brand name PEAK and to keep our business partners one step forward by rendering Technical Support after Sales and allow them remaining at the PEAK with always “Perfect Result”.

Our Experience Keeps You At The Top

In the light of our experience accumulated in vehicle repair paint sector, our products developed with our brand name PEAK allow our business partners to reach the PEAK thanks to the “perfect results”.

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Peak increases Your Incomes

While our products sold under the brand name PEAK allow doing the same work at the same time and same quality, one of our goals is to increase the profitability of our business partners considering the fact they are economic.



Patented Arge

Winner Seller

Two-component acrylic primer

Two-component acrylic primer is specially designed for auto repair sector to be fully compatible with acrylic paints, to increase the adhesion feature on metal surfaces and has high filling characteristic. It can be applied directly on wet surfaces and dry very fast. It is easy to sand.

Acrylic Hardeners

They are hardeners specially designed for 2K 4+1 Acrylic Primers. They allow fast and full dry and give perfect results.

PEAK 2K Acrylic Hardeners

They are 2K Acrylic Hardeners specially designed according to three different drying speed as Quick, Standard and Slow for 2K Acrylic Varnishes.

PEAK Patch Thinners

It is a thinner made from special solvent and resins specially designed to recover colour differences occurred after top coat application in auto repair, white appliances, heavy industry sectors and to be used in patch works.

PEAK Plastic Primers

They are designed to undercoat the plastic surfaces of vehicles and to allow the top coat to adhere the plastic surface; they are ready-to-use and allow wet painting on wet surfaces.

Acrylic Varnishes

They are two component acrylic varnishes having high gloss, high adherence power, UV resistant and weatherproof and long-lived features.